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2018 Vendor Applications

Thank you for your interest in the 2018 Cranberry Festival. The festival is set up into different areas to highlight your product features best.

For all new and returning vendors, please review the 2018 Important Vendor Information document about what is included in the different locations, and what qualifications your products requires for the locations. This will speed up processing time on your application, and avoid disappointment of being in the wrong venue/area. 

All 2018 applications will be up by spring 2018. Please email if you a new vendor interested in joining to be added to the mailing list if your location application is not available yet. If you were a vendor in 2017, we will email you a notification that applications are ready. 

Early Booking Application deadline #1 is April 15th 2018 for all indoor locations & outdoor vendors

Juried Arts and Crafts Selection Deadline is April 30th 2018
Regular Application Booking Deadline #2 (if space permits) is August 15th 2017
Applications will be accepted (if space allows) after August 15th 2018 however will be subject to a $50 late fee. 

Note: Applications my be submitted without insurance, however upon acceptance a copy must be received within 2 weeks or September 28th, which ever is first. 

Please review the Important Vendor Application Document before filling out an application

Vendors that are selling premade food, and on site prepared food items are required to have a valid
 Food Vendor Special Event Permit from the Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit. 

Cranberry Vendors that have been vetted and approved by the Festival Board proudly display their Approved Vendor Certificate.

To be considered a vendor in the Cranberry Economic Zone, vendors that are located on Private Property  are required by Festival and the Township of Muskoka Lakes to complete a private property application. Please scroll down for more information. 

HST  #87623 6118 RC0001

FAQ for Festival Vendors

Can I still apply if the deadline has passed? 
Yes, if the application is still posted on line, chances are there are spaces available. Complete applications will be accepted until October 1st and no later. Insurance must be included in the application if you apply after September 28th.

Can I be a vendor if I don't have insurance?

Where can I get vendor insurance?
There are a few options on where and how you can get the proper coverage. You can contact your home or auto policy broker and they can connect you with viable coverage.

You could also contact Event Insure at who know the exact specifications that the festival requires on your policy. They are offering 3 day, 2 million coverage for liability & property. You can email this application

Who needs to be listed on the insurance?

It is important that the following 2 names are listed on your insurance: 
1. The Bala Cranberry Festival, 3066 Muskoka Road 169, Bala, Ontario, P0C 1A0 and,
2. The Township of Muskoka Lakes, 1 Bailey St, Port Carling, Ontario, P0B 1J0

If you are in the Cottage Market (Curling Club) please also add
3. The Bala Curling Club, 1014 Grey St, Bala, ON P0C 1A0

I'm a new vendor, do I need insurance before i'm approved?

You can wait to hear if you are accepted and approved to be a vendor before purchasing insurance. Upon acceptance to the festival, please start the process of obtaining insurance. 

My insurance doesn't renew until later in the year, what should I do?

Just email us when your insurance renews, and we will follow up with you then. 

I just want to come for Saturday and Sunday, how much is that?
Cranberry Festival is a 3 day event, all vendors must participate for all 3 days

When will I receive load-in information?
Expect details for load-in to arrive in your inbox end-September/early October. Booth locations will be given upon your arrival at registration. 

Where can we stay?
There are many great hotels, motels and inns in the area that are in or close to Bala. Some have special rates for Festival Vendors. Please visit our accommodations page for local options.

What campgrounds are open? 
There are no local campgrounds open after Thanksgiving weekend. 

Where can we park our RV? 
Muskoka Lakes Township has designated TBD for overnight RV guests for a weekend rate of $60.  There are NO hookups for electrical or sewer. You may contact us to reserve a space. 

I'm a food vendor, where do I get my health permit?
Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit application found here

How many festival passes do we get?
Two come in your registration package. 

What if I want more than two?
Contact the Cranberry Office with your request. Consideration will be on a case by case basis. 

What are some of the demographics of the visitors?
Have a read through the 2014 Impact Study that was done. We will be doing another study for 2018.

Private Property Vendors

To be considered a vendor in the Cranberry Economic Zone, vendors that are located on Private Property  are required by Festival and the Township of Muskoka Lakes to complete and submit the below form. Please have the form submitted by October 1 2018 in order to allow time to get the permit prepaired.