Thank you all volunteers from the last 35 years.

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Since 1984, the Bala Cranberry Festival has been led by a group of dedicated individuals who volunteer their time, experience and their love of Bala. With a yearly Volunteer Board of Directors and a host of special task people, it has seen so many amazing individuals who have dedicated their efforts into making the Bala Cranberry Festival a community event, and festival that is not to be missed.

Over the 35 years, a lot of has changed as each year the board looks to make each one a little more interesting, and providing opportunities for Muskoka Artsians, Musicians, and community groups to show you the beauty of the Township of Muskoka Lakes & Bala.

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, we want to thank all those dedicated individuals from the past 35 years who have made Bala shine, and to this year’s Board of Directors who look forward to showing off Bala for our 35th festival.